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Asset and Investment Management Consultants



A & A Partnerz are Asset and  Investment Management Consultants working with financial advisors and traders. Together with our strategic private banking partners and fiduciary trust associates, the Partnership is in a unique position to allocate investment portfolios and arrange financing for our clients.  Transactions and projects are mainly focused on private placements in Europe and Asia-Pacific while generating investments for both commercial development and humanitarian projects.



The Partnership :


       >  provides initial due diligence for clients intending to participate in private investment programs prior to

          submission to compliance officers.


      >  acts as intake to review clients' assets to secure capital for private trades and or projects


       >  arranges monatization against financial instruments such as bank guarantees, letters of credit and

          medium term notes


       >  works with registered financial officers providing Trust or Notarial accounts


       >  advises and facilitates private placements for commerical and humanitarian projects


The Partnership has over 50 years of combined experience in asset finance, banking and project funding.


We are therefore able to effectively secure excellent terms for investors and clients.



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